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Urgent Court Marriage in Thane


A Urgent Court Marriage is a type of marriage recorded, conducted, and recognized legally by the authorities of Government. It is also considered as an authorized way to sanctify a relationship. In India, Court marriages are done under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

Nowadays, Court marriages are highly propagating amongst the youths. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is open for all casts and religions. It is more wide spread in urban society and therefore we are here to offer you the service of Urgent Court Marriage in Thane. We at Varsha Marriage Consultancy help people in completing complicated Urgent Court Marriage procedure in Thane.

There are certain protocols for getting married in a court like a bride must be of 18 years old, while the groom must be of 21 years old. The main advantage of Urgent Court Marriage in Thane is that there are no restrictions on religion, caste, and community. Couples from same or different communities are happily ready for court marriages unlike that of religious marriages.


Varsha Marriage Consultancy is the eventual destination for marriage related services in the entire Thane city. We are reputed and highly authorized organization, and have the right to perform Court Marriage, issuing a proper and legal marriage certificate to the couple.

In Varsha Marriage Consultancy we implement a very common procedure of wedding ceremony, which is acknowledged by the married couples. We have well qualified and experienced marriage lawyers who will help you make your dreams come true.

We offer legal consultancy for court marriage where we offer excellent suggestions concerning the marriage. We also have professional advocates who organize the whole marriage procedure with legal documents and assist them in the whole process. Our team also struggles to issue the registration certificate at the earliest. Our matrimonial professional lawyers also assist the couple son how to register their marriage and explain all the procedures in detail.

• Varsha Marriage Consultant helps people in implementing complicated Court Marriage formality.
• We have been delivering these services since years and we have made all the procedures simple and easy for our clients.
• Till now we have successfully delivered every request and formality regarding court marriage.
• Our services have helped people in completing court marriage formality without any difficulties.
• Our experience in Court Marriage and Corporation Marriage Law is passionate about exceeding your expectations.
• We have a highly experienced and best team of Advocates, with determination of providing high-quality representation to customers looking for careful and kind legal service; clients who identify the advantages of a personal bond can bring both legal planning and the anticipation, escaping and resolution of legal problems.
• Our goal is to take an honest interest in our clients, understand their purposes, and meet or exceed their potential requirements.
• We at Varsha Marriage Consultancy work hard, provide greater legal services on a timely, effective, and efficient basis, task and maintain the highest standards of professional integrity for our customers.
• For our firm, we have a pleasant working environment, based on open communication and mutual respect, and will encourage creativity, innovation, teamwork, and loyalty
• For our community, we endure our long-term custom of service and leadership.

Thane Court Marriage Consultant

Court Marriage is one of the most opted ways for tying the knot as considered by the new age generation and the truest to itself ceremonies because of its legal value and adherence. It being a great option also comes with a lot of work and thought which needs to be put in to get it all right. While each step involved—application, registration, post-registration and such other things—can be a lot to handle for someone who does not really have enough details and contacts so as to make sure they are doing it right; we, at Varsha Marriage Consultancy, help you cut short the hassle as we take it up for you. Being one of the most trusted and reliable names among Thane Court Marriage Consultants, we promise to cater to your needs and make them our priority to make this ceremony the most memorable experience of your life.


At Varsha Marriage Consultancy, operating from Thane West, Maharashtra, we strive to make your big day, the best day of your life. We are one of the most praised Court Marriage Consultant Companies among Thane Court Marriage Consultants.

Why Choose to Tie the Knot through Court Marriage?

Security. Even those who choose to get married following the typical religious and ritualistic ceremonial events choose to make it official by taking a step further and get married legally on paper. This not only ensures a couple of the certification of their marriage but also has a number of security benefits and perks.

Travel Legalities. In case of international traveling, court marriages are sometimes a necessity for getting hold of travel passport and visas post marriage. This becomes crucial especially when people of two different nationalities or citizenship are the ones getting married and would be living with their partner in either of the countries.

Saves you from Fraud. It also ensures legal security in case of any fraudulent activities by either of the spouses. If you and your partner have not known each other for a considerably long enough time period for you to trust them completely with your life, this is one of the safest ways of taking it forward and saving yourself the pain it might cause you later.

The best option for Family Opposition Marriage Cases. In the case of inter-religion or inter-caste marriages, sometimes families/parents might not agree for their children to get married when they might be inseparably in love with each other. In such cases, if you and your partner are of legal marriageable age, and you want to get married no matter what others might expect from you, going the most secure and safe way and opting for Court Marriage is the best option for you.

Why Choose Us at Varsha Marriage Consultancy? . Now, you might think that there are a host of other Thane Court Marriage Consultants, so, the big question—why choose Varsha Marriage Consultancy over others? And that question is absolutely on point to pop up in any of our client’s head. So, we will tell you just WHY!

Your Comfort Comes First.Most consultant companies always display and put their requirements first when you approach them. At Varsha Marriage Consultancy, we put our clients and their needs first.

Guidance and Support. . We will brief you about all of the legal formalities, and once you are satisfied, we will take care of it all for you.

Privacy and Confidentiality.Marriage is a sacred ceremony and more so in the Indian Subcontinent where sometimes people choose to celebrate it with all pomp and show and at other times to keep it a very private and close affair. If the latter’s why you are choosing to opt for Court Marriage, be rest assured, all your private and personal information stays safe and confidential with us and will not be revealed to anyone without taking prior permission from you.

Professionalism, Conduct and Authenticity. At Varsha Marriage Consultancy, a team of dedicated professionals awaits you. We will put all our abilities forward and strive to realize your dream as if it were ours. We make sure that all the documentation is verified and authentic, so you do not face any problems with the same in the future.

Customer Satisfaction. Ever since we started to help serve in uniting two souls through the pious ceremony of marriage in the Court Marriage setup, we have only received positive feedback and appraisal for our work. It gives us immense joy seeing this union of souls and getting to hear praises from all the clients who took up our services.

We prioritize your needs and take in all your Inputs to give you the best. For everyone, their wedding is an affair they have been looking forward to for the most part of their lives. And so, the way you have dreamt it to be, all your needs and specifications are just as important for us as for you. We make sure that the fact of it being a court marriage does not hinder your dreams. We add all that you need to your special day just how you want.

Time Management and Time Saving. . With the help of contacts, we have built through the years among all court marriage organization managers in the industry, we strive to bring you the best services, making the application, registration and certification procedures as hassle-free and less time-consuming as is possible.

We hope this covers most of your requirements when looking for the Best Thane Court Marriage Consultant company to help you realize that dream wedding of yours. If it does, we would love for you to reach out to us. We hope you give us a chance to organize the beautiful start to this perfect and most important event of your life.

We wish you all the luck for this new journey that you are going to embark on.Come and join hands with the most reliable Thane Court Marriage Consultants give us the opportunity to help you have a great and successful wedding experience.

Varsha Marriage Consultancy believes in you and your choices and wishes the best for your future journey!.

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